Massage Experience...

Very relaxing massage. You get your money’s worth. Very professionally done!
- Daryl (Gregoire)
I have had many massages by many people but Palmy is by far the best. She makes you feel very comfortable.
I will keep coming back. Thank you…
- Cassandra McLean (Downtown)
My experience with other types of massage, reveals that Traditional Thai Massage with Relaxing Oil Massage alleviates my work related paint injuries like nothing else. I’m grateful to have found Palmy + wholeheartedly refer her style of massage to anyone.
- Gord (Calgary)
Palmy is a very good massagist. She has the skill and knows how to make you feel relaxed with nice music and footbath. She knows your body very quickly and has good energy!
- Louise  ( FMM, Dickinsfield ) Netherland
To any one who have never had a Thai massage, you do not know what your missing, everybody part is stretched which is awesome. I have been to Thailand before, beautiful culture and very friendly people and to be able to get this service in Fort Mac is excellent. Thank you…
- Ian (Beacon Hill)
A hidden gem in Fort McMurray. Professional, relaxing - very much so. It’s so good to find a place and a massagist that knows what she is doing. It’s all in the result, that she achieves.
- Ali (Thickwood)
I have been to Thailand and had their Traditional Thai Massage, this was even better but without the 19 hours flight. It’s awesome to have something so cultural  in Fort McMurray.
- Greg (Timberlea)
Palmy is a wonderful massage therapist. She makes you feel comfortable with a foot soak to start your treatment. After my massages I always feel great! Palmy knows how to treat me and make me want to come back again and again. Thank you, you are amazing!
- Kim (Timberlea, Ft. Mac)
I went to a lot of massage therapist and sometimes chiro, but it seems like every after massage session is not enough. Until I discover Thai Massage with is not only a massage but includes stretching adding the wonderful personal touch of Pammy and her dedication to her profession and the way she treats her client, I could say it’s excellent !!
- Leonardo (Thickwood, Ft Mc.) Philippine
Amazing, Wonderful Rejuvenating! Something so different than our Traditional Western Massage. Makes me wonder what else were missing!
- Sharon   ( Timberlea, Fort McMurray)
- Godiel   (Fort McMurray)  Philippine
The massage was wonderful, different techniques... totally relaxed when it was all done, it was great not being just another number.
Thank you... ^_^
- Bev M.   (Timberlea, Fort McMurray)
Excellent Thai and Relaxing Hot Oil Massage. You make the experience special and relaxing. I feel very comfortable in recommending you to anyone
- Pasquale    (Thickwood, Fort McMurray)
The best massage I have had in Fort Mac and I have tried many places before.
- Casun ( Ft. Mac) Sri Lanka
I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st session with Palmy. She is a very talented & a pleasant person to meet.
- L.B. (Anzac)
Very good massage. Works very hard. I recommend Palmy!
- Bryon (Downtown)
Best expereince I have had. Never felt anything like this before. Very rejuvenating, relaxing. Love it!
- Vicky (Timberlea)
I have been to many other massages in Fort McMurray, but this is by far the best. I feel renewed.
- Graham (Waterway)
After trying many different massages, Palmy has taken 1st place. I have never felt so relaxed and tranquil. Consider being hooked after your first session.
- Wheeler B. (Downtown)